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Not Smoking Chips or Dust but perfect pieces of wood for your Smoker.

Hickory, Apple, Mesquite, Pimento, Alder, Olive are just some of the woods available

These different firewoods will add the most amazing flavours and tastes to your food,

fabulous for smoking and fabulous for eating - unbelievable!

Acacia Wood

More information to follow shortly ...

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Fabulous Flavours: Alder

Alder Wood

Alder has a natural sweetness

which makes it especially good

with pork.

It is also the wood which is

traditionally used for smoking

salmon but is good with any

sort of fish.

A mild wood with a touch of

sweetness and a light delicate flavour.

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More Information: Alder wood

Almond Wood

Almond, some say will burn

better than Oak.

It has quite a light subtle sweet

perfume with very little ash,

excellent for pizza ovens.

Works well with all meats.

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More Information: Almond wood

Fabulous Flavours: Almond
Fabulous Flavours: Apple

Apple Wood

Apple has a natural sweetness

which means it works well with

most types of meat.

If you use it with poultry and pork

it turns the skin a dark brown.

It is fairly mild and mixes well

with other species of wood.

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More Information: Apple wood

Beech Wood

More Information to follow shortly ...

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Birch Wood

Birch has a taste and

flavour which is very similar

to Maple.

Excellent choice for

pork and poultry.


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More Information: Birch wood

Fabulous Flavours: Birch

Fabulous Flavours: Blue Cedar

Blue Cedar Wood

Cedar has a wonderful perfume and

it gives a good heat

Ideal for use with fish, pork and

outstanding with Salmon

An experts' choice

Purchase Blue Cedar

More Information: Blue Cedar wood

Cherry Wood

Cherry can be used with

Alder, Hickory, Oak or Pecan

by using a combination of

woods the meat will turn a

deep rich colour.

Some say this is the best smoking wood, gives

a slight taste of sweetness and fruit.

Excellent with duck, beef and pork - mix

with Oak and use it for turkey.

Purchase Cherry

More Information: Cherry wood

Fabulous Flavours: Cherry


Fabulous Flavours: Elm

Elm Wood

The only problem with Elm is it does

have a water content which is

quite high when freshly cut

but as long as it is seasoned

correctly and for the right amount of

time it will burn with a good heat

Currently unavailable

Grape Vine Wood

Grapevine wood gives a

terrific rich and fruity flavour

to your food.

This wood is highly prized due to

its rarity, it comes to us from the

Côtes de Gascogne France.

Perfect with any food but

especially lamb, fish and game.

Currently unavailable

More Information: Grape Vine wood

Fabulous Flavours: Grapevine

Fabulous Flavours: Hawthorn

Hawthorn Wood

The Hawthorn is a wonderful firewood

with a very long burn time and extremely hot

As you would expect terrific charcoal

An absolute must if you are baking your

own bread!

Purchase Hawthorn

More Information: Hawthorn wood

Hazel Wood

No information yet!

Purchase Hazel

More Information: Hazel wood

Fabulous Flavours: Hazel
Fabulous Flavours: Hickory

Hickory Wood

Hickory is known as "The King"

of smoking wood.

However, you do need to be

careful using Hickory - too much

smoke and the meat can turn bitter.

It produces a strong, sweet flavour

and is especially good with

ham (hickory smoked ham!),

pork and beef.

Purchase Hickory

More Information: Hickory wood

Hornbeam Wood

No information yet!

Currently unavailable

More Information: Hornbeam wood

Fabulous Flavours: Hornbeam

Blue Mahoe Wood


More Information to follow shortly ...

Purchase Blue Mahoe

Mandarin Wood

More Information to follow shortly ...

Purchase Mandarin

Fabulous Flavours: Maple

Maple Wood

Maple is very similar to Apple

in that it is sweet and it also

will colour the skin of certain

types of meat.

If it is too sweet for you

the taste can be refined by

mixing it with say Oak or Alder.

It is excellent with poultry, pork

and small game birds - also

works well with cheese.

Currently unavailable

More Information: Maple wood

Mesquite Wood

Mesquite is known as

"The Queen"

of smoking wood.

It has a strong natural flavour

with a distinct aroma and has

a high heat but with small flames.

Perfect for all meats and fish.

Purchase Mesquite

More Information: Mesquite wood

Fabulous Flavours: Mesquite
Fabulous Flavours: Nectarine

Nectarine or Peach Wood

The Nectarine along with Plum, Peach

and Apricot are all fruit woods

and can really compliment the taste

if you are using fish, turkey, chicken and pork.

Compared to say the Hickory it gives

a sweeter and maybe milder flavour.

Purchase Nectarine

More Information: Nectarine wood

Oak Wood

Our Oak has a strong aroma

and flavour but it is milder than both

Mesquite and Hickory.

The flames are small but with a

high long lasting heat.

Wonderful with red meat, game

also compliments fish and pork.

Purchase Oak

More Information: Oak wood

Fabulous Flavours: Oak

Blended Oak Wood

More Information to follow shortly ...

Purchase Blended Oak

Fabulous Flavours: Olive

Olive Wood

Olive has big flames and big

heat but you do need to be patient,

the flames take time to die down.

Depending on what food you use

the Olive oil flavour will be passed

onto your foods.

A good choice for pizza

and bread ovens.

Purchase Olive

More Information: Olive wood

Orange Wood

Orange has a high heat with

good flames and gives the food a

delicate and sweet citrus flavour.

A great wood for mixing

with other species.

Especially recommended for

fish, pork and poultry.

Purchase Orange

More Information: Orange wood

Fabulous Flavours: Orange
Fabulous Flavours: Pear

Pear Wood

This is a terrific wood to smoke with and gives

food a very mellow flavour.

It is also a good wood to mix with

other stronger flavours i.e.

Pecan, Hickory and Oak.

The flavour is very similar to Apple

but not in the least overpowering.

Purchase Pear

More Information: Pear wood

Pecan Wood

Pecan is from the same

genus as Hickory but it does

not have as strong a wood

flavour as the Hickory.

It is slightly sweeter than Hickory

but with a milder flavour,

almost fruity.

Use it to smoke cheese, pork,

beef and poultry.

Purchase Pecan

More Information: Pecan wood

Fabulous Flavours: Pecan

Fabulous Flavours: Pimento

Pimento Wood

Our Pimento wood is from Jamaica

and if you want to do authentic

Jerk cooking then Pimento must be used

Also known as the Allspice Tree, you

do get a flavour of cloves, nutmeg

and cinnamon with a pepper taste

Suitable for chicken, pork and beef

Purchase Pimento

More Information: Pimento wood

Plum Wood

Plum is quite a mild wood but

the flavour it produces is

similar to Hickory.

Ideal for smoking chicken, pork

turkey and fish.

Our Plum wood is from a

fruiting tree which makes it

perfect for smoking.

Purchase Plum

More Information: Plum wood

Fabulous Flavours: Plum
Fabulous Flavours: Sekelbos

Sekelbos Wood

No information yet!

Currently unavailable

More Information: Sekelbos wood

Sweetwood Wood

More Information to follow shortly ...

Purchase Sweetwood


Tamarind Wood

More Information to follow shortly ...

Purchase Tamarind

Walnut Wood

Walnut has a medium to strong

aroma but produces a fairly

mild flavour.

There is a possibility if the Walnut

is used alone that it can produce

a bitter flavour, however, mixing

it with Apple, Almond or Maple

can be very rewarding.

Wonderful with game

and red meat.

Purchase Walnut

More Information: Walnut wood

Fabulous Flavours: Walnut

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