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Cooking with Firewood

... the pimento tree ...

when burning this we have had the perfume of

cinnamon, strawberries, rosemary, cloves and

finally like spills used to light cigars - awesome!

Pimento Wood: Jamaica

After three long years it is now

back in stock direct from

the Caribbean Islands, notably Jamaica is

the source of our Pimento wood

Although it can be found in Mexico and

Cuba but Jamaica has been continually

producing this wood from the early

fifteenth century

Spanish explorers liked the perfume and

tastes imparted by the leaves

and berries and the name Pimento actually

comes from the Spanish word pimienta

which means peppercorn

The berries are referred to as Allspice

simply because they contain the flavours of

cinnamon, pepper, cloves and nutmeg

Pimento is an evergreen tree and if the

growing conditions are suitable it can reach

up to fifteen metres tall

Flowers are produced on both male and

female trees, but it is possibly only the

females which produce the berries

Pimento Wood: Flowers
Pimento Wood: Jerk

Traditionally jerk cooking was a means of

eating hot food without being discovered

A pit was constructed, then a fire was lit

and the meat placed over the top of the fire

and then it was covered which meant

very little smoke was allowed to escape

This process could take anywhere

between six and eight hours but the results

would be worth waiting for as the

meat would literally fall off the bone

Any meats can be jerked, the original was Pork

but it can also be used with Chicken, Lobster,

Sausages and Fish

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