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olive shingles

Now these are absolutely gorgeous

Our Olive Shingles have been laser cut,

lightly sanded and finished with a clear

coat of varnish and the bark has

been removed

These make fabulous centre pieces;

place mats or anything else you

can think of

Each Shingle is totally unique, there are

no matching pairs or sets, just like nature

Cut from Olive trees with various diameters

from ten inches through to twelve inches

(25cm to 30cm)

Sold in packs of six £50.00

Round Logs: Olive Shingles
Round Logs: Olive Slices

olive slices

These cute Olive Slices have been

kiln dried and their bark left on

Available in mixed diameters from

2" (5cm) through to 5" (13cm)

Both sides have the same high finish

but the centre rings will be

slightly different


The Round Logs are sold in mixed

diameters with the smallest diameter

from 2" (5cm) up to 5" (13cm)

Logs are 5" (13cm) long

Round Logs: Stacked
Round Logs: Fireside


One Box of Round Logs will

cover an area 16" x 16" (41cm x 41cm)

The logs are 5" (13cm) long

Say you have a space to fill which

measures 70cm by 55cm.

One Box of our Round Logs

will cover an area

41cm x 41cm = 1,681

If you multiply 70 x 55 = 3,850

then divide this by 1681 and

the answer is 2.29 boxes

You will need just over two boxes

to completely fill the area

mentioned above

Round Logs: Measurement
Round Logs: Round and Split

Please note that the Round Logs

are packed in a cardboard box

which is not weather resistant.

If they do need to be left by the driver

please ensure that they have a

covered space in order to

protect the contents.

We have carefully selected

the straightest and roundest

pieces of wood and then

they are hand-packed

into Boxes

Round Logs: Stacked in a fireplace
Round Logs: Special logs

Our Round Logs from England

have very some moisture as they have

been air dried and the bark is

complete on the logs

If you do finish up with too

many logs there are other

uses for them:

use them in the garden for

bugs and insects to live;

have a barbecue with them;

take them to a friend who has a fire

(an unusual and welcome gift);

flower arranging projects …

possibilities are limited only

by your imagination!

Round Logs: In the garden
Round Logs: Flower Arrangements

If you do have any special

requests for these

Round Logs

please contact us either by

telephone or email

with your requirements

Are the Round Logs treated?

No, most certainly not.

The logs are entirely natural, you

will sometimes find moss still on them.

There is a possibility of insects but

as the wood is all sourced in England

there is nothing harmful

to either your home or yourselves.


... decorative

Decorative Round Logs: treated

Decorative Round Logs: cracking

Will the wood crack?

Yes, as the wood dries out hairline

cracks will appear but it is unlikely

they will split in half.


Does the bark come off?

Yes, again over time. If the wood is

left in-situ it will remain but if the

wood is continually taken out and

rearranged then the bark will start

to come off.


Decorative Round Logs: bark
Decorative Round Logs: kiln

Is the wood kiln dried?

Absolutely not, the Hazel has been air

dried and stored undercover for

the last two years

faq ...

Can I order a small quantity?

Yes, if you have already ordered a box and

you find you are short please do let

us know and we can organise

enough to fulfill your project.

Decorative Round Logs: small
Round Logs: Fed Up

What if I get fed up with the

Round Logs?

No problem, you can certainly burn

them or maybe give them to someone

who has an open fire or have a look

above at more suggestions.

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