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Heavy Weekend Flockers

... the nectarine and peach tree ...

provide a good looking firewood, the bark is grey and

the outer wood (sap wood) is golden

with a darker heartwood

Large bright yellow flames

A light sweet perfume

Patterning on the bark is exactly the

same markings as on the fruit kernel

Nectarine Firewood: Tree

Did you know that Nectarines are part

of the Peach family but their fruit is smooth

and without the hairy fuzz you get on Peaches,

in actual fact they look more like Plums

Fruit woods such as Apricot, Plum, Peach and

Nectarine are wonderful for cooking, especially

for chicken, pork, fish and turkey as the wood

gives a light delicate taste to the food

However the Nectarine wood is very

similar to Hickory but it is milder and much

sweeter, perfect for beginners

Nectarine Firewood: Chicken
Nectarine Firewood: Orchard

Our Nectarine Firewood is from California

but these trees will grow in most warm places

throughout the world.

Peach and Nectarine trees are totally alike, both

in the size of the tree and the shape of the

leaves and quite often you will find Peach and

Nectarine fruit on the same tree.

The largest producer of Peach and Nectarine

trees is China and they hold this tree in very

high regard, not only for its' early and beautiful

flowers but because the wood itself is used

for fighting evil spirits

It is mentioned that in the Han Period the emperor

attended a funeral but his sorcerer led the way

carrying a Peach wand to keep away any evil from

the emperor and to this day Peach wands

are used in China for exorcism!

Nectarine Firewood: Flowers
Nectarine Firewood: Fruit

Pink, yellow, red or white are the colours

available in Nectarine fruit

The wood itself is quite stunning with a

light outer colour and deeper russet

as the heartwood

Nectarine Firewood: Peach Pins

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