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... burning properties ...

How do you like your wood to burn? do you want perfume? do you want plenty of charcoal?

or do you want to sit and watch the flames?

have a look at the different woods listed below and see which suits you the best!!

Burning Properties: Acacia


More Information to follow shortly

Currently Unavailable

More Information: Acacia

Cooking with Acacia


Smell the sweetness!

almost a raspberry perfume

Very similar to the aroma

from Birch but not quite as thick.

This has a serious heat with

good charcoal

Profuse yellow and purple flames

with a great heat

A joy to burn

Purchase Alder

More Information: Alder

Cooking with Alder

Burning Properties: Alder

Burning Properties: Almond


Delicious nutty perfume,

just like cracking an almond nut

Chatty Fire Big Heat

Good flames with reasonable

flame colours

Heavy dense wood

A good looking fire and one

of our favourites

Currently Unavailable

More Information: Almond

Cooking with Almond


Good flames yellow and purple

Occasional wafts of a sweet

perfume – we could not

really smell apple

but it was a pleasant aroma

Quiet fire

Good heat - Lasts well

If you want a real welcoming log

fire this is the one

Currently Unavailable


More Information: Apple

Cooking with Apple

Burning Properties: Apple
Burning Properties: Beech


More Information to follow shortly ...

Currently Unavailable

More Information: Beech

Cooking with Beech


In my opinion this firewood is perfect!

(but I am biased)

If you only burn this wood for the

perfume alone you will be in

for a treat - it is knock out

Strong yellow flames, with occasional

flames of purple

Terrific heat and good charcoal

Don't take my word for this

firewood - do try it

Purchase Silver Birch


More Information: Birch

Cooking with Birch

Burning Properties: Birch

Burning Properties: Cherry


Definite sweet perfume and it did not take

long to fill the house with its' perfume

Blue and yellow flames with

good charcoal

Quite a noisy fire

Purchase Cherry

More Information: Cherry

Cooking with Cherry


We will be trying this firewood soon!

Currently Unavailable

More Information: Grapevine

Cooking with Grapevine

Burning Properties: Grapevine

Burning Properties: Hawthorn


More Information to follow shortly ...

Purchase Hawthorn

More Information: Hawthorn

Cooking with Hawthorn


Good purple and yellow flames

We did not notice any perfume

Quiet fire but with stacks of heat

Excellent charcoal and does

not take too long to be ready

for cooking on

The logs keep their shape well

Purchase Hazel

More Information: Hazel

Cooking with Hazel

Burning Properties: Hazel
Burning Properties: Hickory


Gorgeous smell with a heady vanilla

perfume not thick or cloying

Sparkles but does not spit

Good heat with bluish tinged flames

Blue, purple and orange flames

Long burning with not many

logs needed for a good fire

Currently Unavailable

More information: Hickory

Cooking with Hickory


Hornbeam makes a very colourful

fire with purple, pink, yellow and an

occasional bright blue flame

Tremendous heat

It would probably make an excellent

base for barbecues and

definitely one to sit in front of

and watch the flames.

Purchase Hornbeam


More Information: Hornbeam

Cooking with Hornbeam

Burning Properties: Hornbeam
Burning Properties: Kameeldoring


More Information to follow shortly ...

Purchase Kameeldoring

More Information: Kameeldoring

Cooking with Kameeldoring


More Information to follow shortly ...

Currently Unavailable

More Information: Mandarin

Cooking with Mandarin

Burning Properties: Mandarin
Burning Properties: Maple


Yellow flames with occasional deep blue

flashes and touches of purple

A good looking fire with masses

of heat. Whether it's the 14% moisture

content or what but these are

"hot sticks"

Intense heat but rapid burning.

Purchase Maple


More Information: Maple

Cooking with Maple


Big Heat Massive Huge

Perfumed vanilla tones

with a hint of arrowroot

Architectural pieces

almost too nice to burn

Good yellow flames and

a quiet wood

This is a messy wood

– do not use white gloves!

Currently Unavailable


More information: Mesquite

Cooking with Mesquite

Burning Properties: Mesquite
Burning Properties: Nectarine


Good looking firewood, the bark

is grey and the outer wood (sap wood)

is golden with a darker heartwood

Large bright yellow flames

A light sweet perfume

Patterning on the bark is exactly the

same markings as on the fruit kernel

Currently Unavailable


More Information: Nectarine

Cooking with Nectarine


I know this sounds ridiculous but

the Oak's perfume was reminiscent

of a freshly baked bourbon biscuit!

We were also surprised by the

amount of purple, blue and

yellow flames

Chatty fire to start with and then

quietens down

Purchase Oak

More Information: Oak

Cooking with Oak

Burning Properties: Oak
Burning Properties: Blended Oak

blended oak

More Information to follow shortly ...

Purchase Blended Oak


Heavy dense wood

Huge amounts of good coloured flames

Hot with a perfume like a

snuffed candle

Dancing flames and a long time

for the flames to die down

If you like a fire with plenty of flames

then this is the one for you

Currently Unavailable

More Information: Olive

Cooking with Olive

Burning Properties: Olive
Burning Properties: Orange


A bit of an ugly duckling log but

the wood is actually orange!

Bright yellow and orange flames, a

quiet steady burning wood

A faint and elusive scent of orange

These logs make a jolly good lasting fire.

Currently Unavailable

More Information: Orange

Cooking with Orange


Not many flames with this wood

but gives excellent charcoal and

leaves a fine ash

Very thick distinctive bark and quite

difficult to split

Similar to Apple with a dense grain but

no discernible perfume

Well worth trying

Purchase Pear

More Information: Pear

Cooking with Pear

Burning Properties: Pear
Burning Properties: Pecan


Good yellow and purple flames

Quite slow to get going so do

not skimp on the kindlers

Wonderful "nutty" perfume but not as

powerful as the Hickory

This domesticated cousin of the Hickory

is perfect for people with allergies

Currently Unavailable


More Information: Pecan

Cooking with Pecan


When burning this we have had

the perfume of cinnamon, strawberries, rosemary, cloves and finally

like spills used to light cigars

- awesome!

Purchase Pimento Sticks

More Information: Pimento

Cooking with Pimento

Burning Properties: Pimento
Burning Properties: Plum


We will be trying this firewood soon!

Currently Unavailable


More Information: Plum

Cooking with Plum


Light and spicy with maybe a

touch of cinnamon perfume

Yellow and purple flame, more

purple than yellow

Big heat and a Chatty Fire

Stunning looking wood

and another one of our favourite woods

The logs hold their shape well

and could almost be an artificial fire!

Purchase Sekelbos

More Information: Sekelbos

Cooking with Sekelbos

Burning Properties: Sekelbos
Burning Properties: Walnut


If you like your wood with

Snap Crackle and Pop then

this is the one for you

Smells like Walnut and

Coffee cream cake

Huge Flames very lively

Good heat

Strong yellow flames and intense

blue mini flames

Currently Unavailable

More Information: Walnut

Cooking with Walnut

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