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Cooking with Firewood

... the sekelbos tree ...

this wood is ideal if you want stacks of heat but no perfumes

hard, dense wood with outstanding charcoal

we found it produced plenty of ash but this also kept the fire going

Sekelbos Firewood: Giraffes love the leaves

Sekelbos or Sickle Bush as the name

suggests is a deciduous shrub

with acacia like leaves.

It can grow to 3.5 metres high

and will form an impenetrable thicket.

It takes its’ name “Sickle Bush” from

the clusters of sickle shaped pods

it produces after it flowers.

Giraffes are very partial to

their leaves

This bush is invasive

but because of its growing nature

it can also be coppiced.

Sekelbos Firewood: Invasive Shrub
Sekelbos Firewood: Rope made from Sekelbos bark

The bark makes strong ropes

and string, the wood is hard,

strong and termite and borer proof.

The wood is also used as fence posts as

they are able to withstand veldt fires.

Our Sekelbos firewood originates

from Namibia

Sekelbos Firewood: Elephants in Namibia
Sekelbos Firewood: Perfect for Outdoor Entertaining

Sekelbos firewood produces

a large flame,

a small amount of smoke when first lit,

pleasant perfume and masses

of charcoal - but the heat from

this wood is amazing.

It is also an excellent cooking wood and

because of the lack of smoke it is ideal for

outside entertaining

It is said that if you plant a

Sickle Bush by your home it will

ward off evil spirits

Sekelbos Firewood: Warding off Evil Spirits
Sekelbos Firewood: A growing medicine cabinet

The whole shrub is a growing

medicine cabinet! it can help with

stomach pains, wounds, bites and

is also able to clear your head

during a cold

Due to the arid climatic conditions,

once seasoned, the wood has a moisture

content of virtually zero –

so this means that you are getting

pure wood – no moisture!

Sekelbos Firewood: No moisture in this firewood
Sekelbos Firewood: Looks like driftwood

The wood looks almost like

driftwood – it has hardly

any bark – the main

colour of the wood

is a rich russet

with an outer band of a pale

biscuit colour
– it is almost too pretty to burn

As this wood is so dry and

dense we have found the best way

to light it is not to skimp on the kindlers,

if you normally use half a dozen to light

your fire – then use ten!

Sekelbos Firewood: A very hot fire

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