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Cooking with Firewood

... the oak tree ...

I know this sounds ridiculous but the Oak's perfume was reminiscent

of a freshly baked bourbon biscuit!

we were also surprised by the amount of purple, blue and yellow flames

chatty fire to start with and then quietens down

Oak Firewood: Oak Tree

There are over six hundred different

species of Oak throughout the world

and we have the evergreen Holm Oak

which is from Portugal.

Holm, which is an old name for Holly is

a white oak which can grow up to 28 metres

tall and sometimes has a trunk which

can measure up to six metres!

High in protein, acorns are much loved by

many animals including birds, squirrels,

deer and pigs but they are not tolerated

by horses or cattle as their tannin

content is too high for them to digest.

Oak Firewood: Acorns
Oak Firewood: Truffles

The Holm Oak is one of the trees which

is used to establish truffle orchards in

Portugal, they grow within the Holm

Oak's root system.

Spain is the largest producer of truffles

but Portugal, in particular the Algarve region

are increasing their orchards

Holm Oak is also found in the UK but

it is now classed as an invasive species

Oak wood has been used for centuries

for ship building, with its' dense nature,

durability, hardness and strength

together with the tannin content which

makes it particularly resistant to

insects and fungal growths

Oak Firewood: Viking Hull
Oak Firewood: Houses of Parliament

In the debating chambers in the

House of Commons

oak wood has been used for the

wall panelling

Oak wood is a wonderful wood to burn,

it does take a long time to season

correctly, many years ago when we were

working with wind blown trees we had an

Oak tree for firewood, it took four years for

it to properly season and was probably

the best firewood we ever had

Oak Firewood: Cords

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