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Cooking with Firewood

... the birch tree ...

in my opinion this firewood is perfect! (but I am biased)

if you only burn this wood for the perfume alone you will be in

for a treat - it is knock out strong yellow flames, with

occasional flames of purple terrific heat and good charcoal

don't take my word for this firewood - do try it

Birch Firewood: Trees

Birch Trees are small to medium sized

and share the same genus as Alder

but they do have different catkins.

It is probably one of the easiest

trees to identify because its'

bark is so distinctive

They grow well on acidic soil and

are terrific at colonising areas of open

ground, especially after say a fire.

However, if left to their own devices

they can soon take over.

Butterflies and moths are particularly

attracted to the foliage

of this tree

Birch Firewood: Moth
Birch Firewood: Bark

The bark comes in shades of white, silver,

pink and brown and is one of the most

attractive logs we sell

The wood is fairly straight-grained and

reasonable to split

Birch wood is white to pale fawn in colour

sometimes with a satin sheen to it.

Bark from the Birch has been used

as writing paper as long ago as

the twelfth century.

It makes a fabulous kindling for fires

as the bark will burn even when

wet due to the oil contained in the bark.

One of its' little know uses is if you

soak the bark it can be used as

a cast for a broken arm!

The bark will ease muscle pain

if applied externally

Silver Birch was the favourite

firewood of Queen Victoria

It is certainly mine!

Birch Firewood: Queen Victoria
Birch Firewood: Birch sap

The sap can be tapped as it rises in

Spring and fermented to make

Birch Wine

(maximum one gallon per tree).

Apparently huge tracts of

Silver Birch forests in the Baltic’s

have been decimated through


Umea which is a city in Sweden has a

very special relationship with the Birch

tree. Apparently in 1888 fires raged

through the city and almost wiped it out

but the Birch trees saved the day and

supposedly kept the fire back.

To make sure this did not happen again

Silver Birch trees were planted all over

and the city of Umea now has the unofficial

title of "City of the Birches".

It must be some sight to see

all these trees!

Birch Firewood: Umea
Birch Firewood: Skateboard

Birch makes excellent plywood and

the ply has many uses from aeroplanes

(Howard Hughes' "The Spruce Goose"

was manufactured using birch ply),

to skateboards.

Birch brushes or besoms as they are

traditionally known are made from

Birch twigs with an ash or oak handle.

Folk lore tell us that these besoms were

placed as shown in the photograph and

with witnesses present a newly married

couple - groom first would then jump

over the besom followed by his bride,

should either of them knock or touch it

then the marriage was no longer recognised.

This is the best bit - if you wanted a

divorce within the first year of marriage

all you had to do was jump

back over the besom - and that was that!

Birch Firewood: Besom

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