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Cooking with Firewood

... the orange tree ...

a bit of an ugly duckling log but the wood is actually orange!

bright yellow and orange flames, a quiet steady burning wood

a faint and elusive scent of orange these logs make a jolly good lasting fire.

Orange Firewood: Cape Florida

In 1513 Oranges and Lemons were

brought to Florida by a Spanish

explorer and in the past sailors

would plant these trees along

popular trade routes to help

combat scurvy.

Our Orange firewood is

from America.

The Orange Tree is evergreen and quite

small, only growing to a maximum height

of about ten metres.

It originated in Southeast Asia, but Brazil

is the world's largest producer -

over twenty million tonnes annually!

Orange Firewood: Orange Grove
Orange Firewood: Orange Blossom

Orange blossom is highly fragrant

and is a popular bridal choice for

bouquets, it is also associated

with bringing good fortune.

The essence is much sought after

for perfume and the petals can

either be dried for making tea

(very popular in Spain) or

used to produce orange flower

water which is used extensively

in both French and

Middle Eastern cooking.

Don't feel sorry for the oranges!!

They have been deliberately sprayed with

water when the temperature is likely to be

below freezing as this then turns to ice

and keeps the oranges at freezing point,

even if the temperature drops further

the oranges will not be harmed.

Orange Firewood: Frozen Oranges
Orange Firewood: Manicures and Pedicures

Orangewood sticks are just perfect

for using on cuticles when you have a

manicure or pedicure.

When the Persian Orange was

brought to Italy, it was bitter and

it was nearly four hundred years

later before this fruit

was replaced with the much more

popular sweet orange.

It is the Seville Oranges from Spain

which are commonly used to

make marmalade.

All of the fruit is used including the

pith and the pips.

Orange Firewood: Orange Marmalade
Orange Firewood: Oranges

If you plant a seed from an Orange it is

not likely to produce fruit and if it does

there is every chance that the fruit it

does produce will be nothing like its' parent!

Grapefruits, lemons, limes and oranges

all come under the single genus of “Citrus”

which means they are all inter-breedable.

If you use Orange firewood for

cooking it imparts a sweet citrus

flavour and is a perfect compliment

to poultry, pork and fish.

It is an incredibly dense wood and

produces an excellent fire

with good heat.

It can either be burnt green

(unseasoned) or dry (seasoned),

however if you burn it

green it can spark but the colours from

the flames are incredible.

Orange Firewood: Cooking Turkey

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