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Cooking with Firewood

... the pear tree ...

not many flames with this wood but gives excellent

charcoal and leaves a fine ash

very thick distinctive bark and quite difficult to split

similar to Apple with a dense grain but no discernible perfume

well worth trying

Pear Firewood: Pear Tree

There are over three thousand different

species of Pear Trees and these are just

the ones that are officially recognized!

The largest producer of Pears in

the world is China with an annual crop of

over a million tonnes each year

They adapt very well to colder climates

and can tolerate temperatures as

low as minus 40 degrees Celsius

It is not a very tall tree growing to a maximum

height of almost fifteen metres and generally

it is deciduous although in Asia there are

a couple of species which are evergreen

During April and May the Pear tree will flower

and the blossom is a very pretty white

it is quite unusual for them to be

any other colour

Pear Firewood: Blossom
Pear Firewood: Smoking

If you use your Pear wood for smoking

you will have a subtle fruit flavour and it is

Pearfect (sic) for all types of poultry,

fish and meats

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