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Cooking with Firewood

... cooking with firewood ...

using our great firewood you are guaranteed to eat great food

... jerking Firewood Cooking: Pimento
Firewood Cooking: Jamaica

Jerk Cooking with Pimento Link

... with pimento

Campfire cooking in its simplest form

is a great way to cook, whether you

are on a camping trip or just fancy a

change from the usual.

Toasted marshmallows could not

be simpler - use twigs or kebab sticks

to skewer the marshmallows and

lightly toast them over the flames

... delicious!

... campfire

Firewood Cooking: Marshmallows
Firewood Cooking: Pot Roast

It does not have to be sausages and burgers

(although there is nothing wrong with them!)

but do you know you can also roast, bake,

grill, fry, boil and steam your food all on

just a simple campfire.

Campfire Cooking Link

cooking ...

Wood fired pizza and bread ovens date

back to the Roman times, although they

were more commonly known as

Masonry Ovens,

and were used primarily for baking.

Quite often these ovens would be used

by the whole community as the bread

ovens were designed to store many

hours’ worth of heat.

Our imported firewood is perfect

for these ovens as you do not need

many logs to cook all of your

favourite foods.

... pizza ovens

Firewood Cooking: Pizza and Bread Ovens
Firewood Cooking: Pizzas

To make an authentic Neapolitan pizza,

a wood burning masonry oven is used and

can you imagine the aroma of perfumed

firewood, bread, pizza and all these

gorgeous smells wafting through your

house and garden.

Pizza Oven Cooking Link

bread ovens ...

Fire Pits come  in all sorts of shapes,

sizes and designs but chiefly their main

use is to stop a fire from spreading into

unwanted areas and in many cases not

only do they give heat and warmth

they are designed to look attractive

and appealing.

They are available from tiny baskets

to huge table mounted models.

It doesn't matter what size your garden,

patio or balcony is - there are hundreds

of models to choose from.

... fire

Firewood Cooking: Outside entertaining
Firewood Cooking: Keep warm

Our firewood comes in many different

“flavours”, let us know the type

of atmosphere you wish to create

and we can advise

you about the best sort of firewood

to meet your criteria ...

... it's not just firewood ...

pits ...

Barbecues have been around since

the fifteenth century, where they first

made an appearance in South Carolina,

however it was not until the late sixteenth

century that the word first became

known in Britain.

All of our firewood can be used because

of the special flavours they impart

to your food

Charcoal does not give the same

deep rich flavour to the food as the

perfumed hardwood logs do, although it

is more convenient to use but

can be quite messy.

... barbecues

Firewood Cooking: Barbecues
Firewood Cooking: Ayres Rock

Barbecue cooking is all about having a

good time with friends and enjoying

tasty food, heavenly smells and

being outdoors, whatever the weather!

Your food doesn't have to be burnt and

raw in the middle!

There are many fabulous recipes

using the simplest and tastiest ingredients

for a truly delicious food experience!

Go on - have a go!

Barbecue Cooking Link

bbqs ...

Chimineas are originally from Mexico where

they have been in existence for thousands

of years, primarily they were used for

heating, baking, cooking and

were made out of clay.

With the special design of the Chiminea only

a few logs are needed to produce great results

however, the biggest problem with the clay

ones is their inability to cope with the British

weather – can’t say that I blame them!

Due to the Chimineas unique design it is

very easy to ignite and after just a

short time they will be throwing out enormous

amounts of heat.

... mexican

Firewood Cooking: Chimineas
Firewood Cooking: Winter and Summer

They are also available made from cast iron

or aluminium and are generally about five foot

tall (150cm) and maybe a couple of feet (60cm)

wide at the fire area.

There are some tremendous Chimineas

now available in Britain and the majority

of these are well able to cope with

our wonderful climate!

All of our firewood is suitable for

Chimineas, not just in the size but

also for the perfume and convenience

Perfect, petite, pieces of

stunning firewood

chimineas ...

How much wood do I use?

For two people – three logs of wood

were used in a round barbecue with a

diameter of twelve inches (30cm)

and a depth of four inches (10cm).

... cooking

Firewood Cooking: One Log
Firewood Cooking: Hand Hot

When do I know the fire is

ready for cooking?

The heat of the fire can be estimated roughly

by holding your open hand, palm down,

six inches to eight inches

(15cm–20cm) above the coals.

Count the number of seconds you can keep your

hand there before having to pull it away …

Cool Fire: 6 to 8 seconds

Medium Fire: 4 to 6 seconds

Hot Fire: 3 to 4 seconds

Very Hot Fire: 2 to 3 seconds


How long before the fire is

ready to cook on?

This is not a very scientific way but who

cares … our experts’ measuring tool for

knowing when the fire is ready is known as:

“A Six Beer Fire”

 - meaning that after drinking the sixth beer

the fire must be ready to barbecue!

(We tried this method and had a really good

time but could not remember what the

food tasted like!!)


Firewood Cooking: Six Beers
Firewood Cooking: Firewood

Why use firewood

instead of charcoal?

Admittedly when using firewood you do need to

allow more time for the coals to be ready for

cooking but you are more than compensated

when you taste the food, especially if you are

using our firewood’s from around the World

– each species imparts its’ own unique and

special flavourings – try it –

you won’t be disappointed.

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... it's not just firewood ...

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