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Cooking with Firewood

... the grape vine ...

from a firewood point of view this wood is not long lasting

but it is certainly worth having and using if you are going to cook food

a unique, sweet and smoky wood - much sought after and quite rare

Grapevine Firewood: Vines

There are about sixty different

species of Grapevines or Vitis.

Grapevines are diocious which

means they are self-fertilising

as the the vineyard is made up of

both male and female plants.

Originally they were found in

southern Europe and south western

Asia but they are now found

all over the world.

Grape juice is quite often used for

sweetening tinned fruits and it would

say on the tin 100% natural and

with no added sugar.

Not surprisingly the majority of

grapes are used to make wine, with

fresh and dried fruit coming in a

very poor second and third!

Grapevine Firewood: Grape juice
Grapevine Firewood: Spanish vineyards

The largest producer of grapes is

Spain with nearly twelve thousand

square kilometers given over to

the production of vineyards, and

this is growing by 2% every year!

The Greek wine cup dating back to

about the third and fourth century was

heavily decorated with grapes, vines

and leaves.

The scenes depicted on this particular

specimen are slightly less Bacchanalian

than some!!

Grapevine Firewood: Greek wine cup
Grapevine Firewood: Armagnac cellar

Our grapevine firewood was planted

in 1990 and its' name is

"Folle Blanche".

The grapes it produced

were used primarily in the making

of Armagnac - gorgeous!

This wood is also incredibly popular

for vivariums, giving a natural look

and is super friendly for the reptiles.

Grapevine Firewood: Vivariums
Grapevine Firewood: Decorative wood

Because the vine is heavily

pruned and maintained there

are some truly stunning pieces

of wood available - the only

limitation is your imagination!

Vine leaves have been used for

centuries especially in Greece and

Dolmades (stuffed grape leaves)

are classics in restaurants and

Greek homes.

Grapevine Firewood: Grape leaves

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