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... the mesquite tree ...

big heat massive huge

perfumed vanilla tones with a hint of arrowroot architectural pieces almost

too nice to burn good yellow flames and a quiet wood

this is a messy wood – don’t use white gloves!

Mesquite are deciduous trees and can

reach up to a height of twenty to thirty feet

(6 to 9 metres) but generally they are

more of a shrub size

Although the Mesquite does not grow to a

great height it can have a huge tap root –

sometimes up to a depth of 200 feet!

Mesquite Firewood: Mesquite Tree
Mesquite Firewood: Mesquite Lintel

The logs have very little bark - the

wood is a rich dark chocolate

brown, very twisted and

architectural, seriously heavy,

a very dense wood but also

quite messy from a handling

point of view

Early settlers also found uses for

this excellent hardwood: fence

posts; wagon wheels; furniture

(it is called Texan Ironwood when it

is used for furniture); cooking; heating

and slabs of Mesquite were even used

for paving on the streets and pathways

Mesquite Firewood: Mesquite Wagon Wheel
Mesquite Firewood: Texas Groundwater

In some parts of Texas there are so

many Mesquite trees that it is

thought they are partly responsible

for the lowering of

the groundwater tables.

It has also been introduced to parts

of Africa, Asia and Australia but it

is now considered one of the world’s

most problematic invasive species –

the tree can actually regenerate

from a small piece of root left in the soil

However, on the plus side it will flourish

where no other species of tree will grow,

it quickly provides shade, food and habitat

for local wildlife, quite often it can flower up

to four times a year and because it is a

legume it also fixes nitrogen into the soil –

so maybe not such a bad tree after all!

Mesquite Firewood: Mesquite Flowers
Mesquite Firewood: Mesquite Pods

The pods are highly nutritious and

are sought after by wildlife, they can

also be dried, ground and used as

flour which gives a sweet nutty taste

to bread, pancakes and biscuits

If you infuse the Mesquite leaves in water

they produce very effective eye drops

Mesquite Firewood: Mesquite leaves for eye drops
Mesquite Firewood: Indian Arrows

Native Americans made excellent

use of the Mesquite: sewing needles

from the thorns; inner bark for baskets

and fabric; sap for black dye; honey

from the nectar and the wood for

bows and arrows for hunting

As long as the wood is properly and fully

cured it is highly desirable for woodworking

and wood turning as it has dimensional

stability, however it is very brutal on

chain saws and hand saws

Mesquite Firewood: Mesquite Bowl
Mesquite Firewood: Ribs cooked over Mesquite

If you use this wood for barbecues,

it is smokeless, burns slowly and

imparts a very distinct flavour to the food

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