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... the kameeldoring tree ...

fabulous aromatic fragrance and huge amounts of charcoal

Kameeldoring Firewood: Giraffe

The common name Camel Thorn

is a mistranslation from the Afrikaans

name “Kameeldoring”, derived from

kameelperd meaning giraffe.

Early South African settlers named

the tree Kameeldoring

meaning Giraffe Thorn

Our Kameeldoring firewood originates

from Namibia

Kameldoring Firewood: Namibia
Kameeldoring Firewood: Tree

Giraffe are partial to these trees

and possess a specially-adapted

tongue and lips that can cope with

the vicious thorns – it also grows

ear-shaped pods, which are

favoured by a large number of

herbivores including domestic cattle.

As the wood is so dense and heavy,

branches naturally break off the tree

and it is this wood which is harvested

for our firewood.

The wood is so dry and hard

it is virtually impossible to

split with an axe!

Kameeldoring firewood produces

very little flame, a small amount of smoke

when it is first lit,

a fabulous aromatic fragrance and

huge amounts of charcoal

The tree bears bright yellow ball-like

flowers that are sweetly scented

followed by the pods

Kameeldoring Firewood: Flower
Kameeldoring Firewood: Roots

It is a deciduous tree and can

grow to seventeen metres high

but the tap root can descend

to sixty metres providing access

to deep ground water, it is also

one of the first trees to produce

leaves in late winter because

of its’ access to water

It is an excellent cooking wood –

and unbeatable for outside use

– wonderful for chimineas, fire pits,

camp-fires, picnics

(but be careful how much you use –

this wood will burn for days!)

Kameeldoring Firewood: Heat
Kameeldoring Firewood: Lightening

According to superstition, lightening

will strike at the Kameeldoring

more readily than any other trees

Kameeldoring has many medicinal uses

– the pods for treating ear infections,

the pulverised, burned bark for

headaches and the root for

treating toothache

Kameeldoring Firewood: Headache
Kameeldoring Firewood: Desert

As this wood is so dry and dense we have

found the best way to light it is not to

skimp on the kindlers, if you normally

use half a dozen to light

your fire – then use ten

Due to the arid climatic conditions,

once seasoned, the wood has a

moisture content of virtually zero – so

this means that you are getting pure

wood – no moisture!

The wood is stunning to look at

(we have never seen anything like it)

again it is very similar to the

Sekelbos – it looks like driftwood –

very little bark, but the heart

of the wood is a magnificent deep

rich red with an outer band of a pale

biscuit colour – definitely too pretty to burn!

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