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Cooking with Firewood

... the walnut tree ...

if you like your wood with snap crackle and pop then

this is the one for you smells like Walnut and Coffee cream cake

huge flames very lively good heat

strong yellow flames and intense blue mini flames

Walnut wood was first imported into England

from Virginia in the early part of the sixteenth

century and it was made into

homemade furniture.

The fine grain was not really appreciated

and most of the pieces were painted!

It really came into its’ own during the

mid eighteenth century but by this time the

wood was becoming scarce.

Walnut Firewood: Victorian Furniture
Walnut Firewood: Walnut Stock

Walnut is still the most popular wood

for gun makers, the famous

Lee Enfield rifle of the First World War

had a walnut gun stock.

It does not warp, shrink or splinter

and is incredibly light in proportion

to its strength.

It is also much sought after for

making guitar bodies.

If you would like to grow a

Walnut tree make sure you

do not plant it next to

apple or birch trees.

The Walnut produces a

chemical Juglone which

can inhibit growth from neighbouring

plants, it does this to make sure

no other plant steals its’ nutrients!

Our Walnut firewood is

from England

Walnut Firewood: Walnut Tree
Walnut Firewood: Romanian Wedding

Nuts from the Walnut tree in ancient

times symbolised fertility and were thrown

at weddings (might not be as popular as

confetti with the happy couple!!)

In Romania brides who wished to

delay children placed one walnut in

the bodice of their wedding dress for

each year they hoped to wait

(oh my goodness! – I wonder if it worked!)

In parts of south west France

there is evidence

that the Walnut has existed there

for 17,000 years and were eaten

by the Cro-Magnon man.

Walnut Firewood: Cro Magnon
Walnut Firewood: Walnut Oil

During the tenth century peasants paid

their debts with nuts, in the eleventh

century they were expected to tithe

Walnuts to the church and in the

thirteenth century Walnut oil was

considered as precious as gold.

Walnut has a very pale almost silver

coloured bark which is deeply furrowed;

the wood is a light pale cream with

an occasional dark brown centre

The Walnut trees are deciduous

and can grow up to 130 foot

(40 metres) tall – some of the

leaves are 35 inches (90cm) long.

In Iran at the Shahmirzad Orchard

the Walnut trees cover over 750

hectares – this is the largest

Walnut Orchard in the World.

Walnut Firewood: Walnut Orchard
Walnut Firewood: Walnut Husks

Husks are used to dye fabrics

but rubber gloves should be used

when picking the Walnuts to

avoid staining your fingers,

it can be quite difficult

to remove the staining.

Shells from the Walnut are used as an

organic abrasive which is environmentally

friendly and can also be recycled.

It is used extensively for cleaning and

polishing; maintaining seals for oil well

drilling; as a paint thickener for special

effects; occasionally used for soap

and cleansers and amazingly

it is also used as filler in dynamite!

Walnut Firewood: Oil Well

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