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Cooking with Firewood

... the hornbeam tree ...

makes a very colourful fire with purple, pink, yellow and an

occasional bright blue flame tremendous heat

it would probably make an excellent base for barbecues and definitely

one to sit in front of and watch the flames

In America the Hornbeam tree

is quite often referred to as

"Ironwood" which would indicate

the toughness of this particular tree.

It is not a large tree and seldom

grows above 30 metres tall and in

one form or another can be

found growing throughout the World.

This tree does not grow well in

the Northern Hemisphere as

the weather is just too cold.

Hornbeam Firewood: Tree
Hornbeam Firewood: Catkins

Hornbeams are deciduous and

produce stunning catkins

It is one of the earliest trees in the

woods to show buds in Spring and

towards the end of the year it

produces small nuts which are

greatly enjoyed by mice and voles.

Hornbeam Firewood: Leaves
Hornbeam Firewood: Wooden Cogs

As the wood is so hard and dense

it is shown here providing the cogs

on an old windmill.


These trees are very difficult to

identify - they are quite similar to

Beech, even the leaves look the same.

Hornbeam Firewood: Bark
Hornbeam Firewood: Woodwork

The wood is incredibly difficult

to work and is not normally favoured by

wood turners or cabinet makers.

It does however produce a beautiful

pale almost white wood

(the handle is Ash and

the bowl Hornbeam)

The wood was much prized for

charcoal making and supported a

flourishing industry in the South

of England.

Many of the trees were pollarded

and used on a twenty year cycle.

Charcoal from Hornbeam is

still regarded as the best there is.

Hornbeam Firewood: Charcoal

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