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Cooking with Firewood

... the pecan tree ...

has good yellow and purple flames quite slow to get going so

do not skimp on the kindlers

wonderful "nutty" perfume but not as powerful as the Hickory

this domesticated cousin of the Hickory is perfect for people with allergies

Pecan trees are incredibly long lived and

some are known to be over a thousand

years old with a height of 100 feet tall,

they like cool winters and

high summer temperatures.

The Pecan, Hickory and

Walnut trees are all from the

same family genus but the Pecan

is the largest.

It is a true native of America and

Texas has claimed the Pecan as its’

official tree and there are over

seventy million wild Pecan trees

situated in this state.

Pecan Firewood: Pecan Tree
Pecan Firewood: Native Americans

With well over a thousand varieties

of Pecans and knowing how close

the ties are between the Native American

Indian tribes and the Pecan Tree it is

hardly surprising that some of the

trees are named: Choctaw, Sioux,

Mohawk, Shawnee and Cheyenne.

When the Indians travelled great distances

the roasted Pecan Nut was utilised when

their food was scarce.

Our Pecan firewood is

from America

Not only is the Pecan tree noted

for its’ delicious nuts the wood

itself is greatly prized for all manner

of tool handles, baseball bats,

carving and of course firewood!

Pecan Firewood: Broom with Pecan Handle
Pecan Firewood: Pecan for Cooking

It is one of the densest Nut woods

and is great for cooking with,

it is very clean to burn and handle

but do be warned: it is not the

easiest wood to light –

use plenty of kindling.

It imparts a great sweet and mild

flavour whether you barbecue with it

or use it in the smoker. One of the

best choices for pizza or bread ovens

Ten years wait is necessary

before the Pecan is commercially

viable; in a fruitful year one tree

can produce more than 400

pounds (over 180 kilos) of nuts,

however the Pecan Orchard does

require a huge area of land each

tree has to be planted at least

eighty feet away from its’ neighbour

due to the extensive root system

Pecan Firewood: Young Pecan Orchard
Pecan Firewood: Pecan for Romance

Apparently Pecan Nuts can give

an added bonus to your love life!

Zinc is a really necessary requirement

of your body especially if you are not

producing enough testosterone for

both men and women

There is almost 10% of the required zinc

for your body if you eat Pecan Nuts

So, pass on the oysters and reach for a

handful of pecans! 

don’t eat the firewood!  

The outer bark is very similar to

our own Sycamore with large

medallions of bark in a greyish

colour, underneath the outer bark

the wood is russet with the

heartwood pale beige – one of the

hardest woods to split –

don’t even attempt by hand!

Pecan Firewood: Hand Cutting

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