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Cooking with Firewood

... the apple tree ...

has good flames of yellow and purple

occasional wafts of a sweetness – we could not really smell apple but

it was a pleasant aroma quiet fire good heat - lasts well

if you want a real welcoming log fire this is the one

The Apple tree was possibly the first

tree to be cultivated; it is deciduous

and can grow up to twelve metres tall.

Our Apple Firewood comes to you

from America and England

Apple Firewood: Apple Tree
Apple Firewood: Apple Orchard

In order to establish an Apple

orchard, standard, young trees are

planted and it can be up to ten

years before they will bear sufficient

quantities of fruit, during this early

growing stage it is important to

establish a well shaped tree that can

carry the large quantities of fruit

produced in later years.

It is a very attractive wood and in the

past would be used for country furniture,

quite often mixed with other woods

such as Pear.

Old style cottage doors were quite often

made from apple wood along with tool

handles and pipes as the wood

polishes naturally with use.

Apple Firewood: Applewood Door
Apple Firewood: Water Diviner

Forked branches taken from the apple tree

are used by Water Diviners searching for

hidden underground springs; these are

called “Wishing Rods” (Alder, Beech

and Hazel can also be used).

Apple is supposed to give off a delicious

sweet smell which makes it ideal for

cooking and smoking, but we have never

really noticed this, although it

is one of our most popular cooking woods.

It gives off excellent heat and good

flames - a very welcoming log fire.

Ideal for getting a high temperature

very quickly and keeping it

with excellent charcoal.

Apple Firewood: Burning Applewood
Apple Firewood: Apple Blossom

If the wood is not thinned when the

tree has a large crop of fruit, quite

often it may not produce enough

flowers the following year.

It is vital for the tree’s productivity

to be carefully thinned each year –

this is where our firewood comes from.

Polished apples are a traditional

gift for a teacher – in the 16th to

18th centuries, teachers were very poorly

paid and so the parents would give

them baskets of apples.

When wages started to increase so

the quantity of apples decreased

and a single fruit was given instead.

Apple Firewood: Apple for the Teacher
Apple Firewood: Smoked Apple Pork

When apple wood is used for cooking

it flavours the food with a smoky fruity

sweetness and is excellent with poultry

and pork - it turns the skin

a wonderful dark brown

Apple trees have always been a

popular host for Mistletoe,

unfortunately due to the decline

of the apple industry in the UK

the majority of Mistletoe

now comes from France.

Apple Firewood: Mistletoe
Apple Firewood: Apple wood

The wood is a deep honey shade with

the heart-wood a rich coffee colour,

young branches have a cherry like look

about the wood but the trunk features

smooth and rough patches with a

grey and silver colouring.

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