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Everything you need to know about your special firewood

Firewood: Raining

Can my Box be left outside?

Please note that your Logs

are packed in a cardboard box

which is not weather resistant.

If they do need to be left by the

driver please ensure that they

have a covered space in order to

protect the Box and contents.

Your invoice will also included with

your order - please let us know if

you would prefer it to be posted


Are the trees cut down just for firewood?

The Mesquite trees are protected; we only use

trimmings, thinnings, dead

trees and wood which has fallen from the tree.

There are laws in Mexico that now prohibit

the taking of live trees, and to preserve the health

of the trees and provide a sustainable fuel source,

only trimming or thinning is allowed by law.

The origins of our orchard woods,

Almond Apple Hickory

Olive Orange Pecan Walnut

are trimmings, thinnings  or simply removal

of aged trees that have stopped producing

enough fruit or nuts to be commercially viable.

When the trees are removed, normally new

trees are planted (unless the farmers decide

on a different crop). All these woods are a

by-product of the agriculture industry

in California.

Don’t forget that firewood is a crop and needs to be

planted, taken care of and harvested.

Firewood: Tree Felling

Firewood: Waterfall

What is moisture content?

Quite simply this is an easy way for

someone who has no firewood experience

to find out how dry the wood is.

All of our woods have an approximate

moisture content percentage

shown next to the species of wood

What length are the logs?

All of our logs are cut to a standard

size of 5" (13cm)

If you would like a different size

to this please let us know and we will

advise if this is possible

Firewood: Long Logs

 Firewood: Large Fireplace

How long will the Box of logs last?

This is a difficult question – there are so

many variables:

does your chimney draw well?

what are the weather conditions?

are you burning coal also?

do you want a roaring fire?

is it for heat or for an effect?

will you be using the wood inside or outside?

do you have a woodburner or an open fire?

If you would like to contact us with your

specific requirements – we will try to

give you an educated guess

(Note: we have used a single box of

logs in a night but we have also used

a single box for three days burning!)

How many logs are there in a Box?

Again, this is quite difficult – it depends on the type

of wood, the size of the pieces and how well the

box is packed. All our boxes are hand-packed

and we try to get as many logs as possible

into the box.

Firewood: Quantity

Firewood: Size

What size are the Boxes?


The largest outer cardboard box measures

18" long by 18" wide by 18" tall

(46cm long by 46cm wide by 46cm tall)

How do I make a fire?

In the centre of the fire basket crumple several

sheets of newspaper, arrange smallish pieces

of kindling wood over the newspaper in a

pyramid shape, light the newspaper and once

the fire takes a hold on the smaller pieces of

wood put on larger pieces still in a pyramid

shape, then pour a glass of wine, sit back,

enjoy the heat and dream into the flames!

Important Note: because the majority of

our wood is so dense, it does take a time

to catch hold and we would suggest not

to skimp on using kindling wood

Firewood: Making a Fire

Firewood: Wood Smoke

Does the wood smoke?

When you first light the fire some smoke will

occur but as the flames and the heat build up

your fire will be virtually smokeless.

Will the logs spark?

Hardwood logs generally do not throw out sparks,

however there is always a possibility that the odd

spark will occur and if you are leaving the fire

unattended for any length of time a fireguard

should be placed in front of the fire.

Firewood: Sparks

Firewood: Wine Cellar

How long will the logs last?

The logs do not have a sell by date! – the longer

you keep them the better they get.

What if I’m not in to sign for my logs?

Our Couriers do need a signature for the logs.

If you are not going to be in then maybe you

could have them sent to a neighbour, relative,

friend or your place of work - have a look at our

Delivery FAQ page for more information

All you need to do is tell us your specific

requirements and leave the rest to us!

Firewood: Delivery Signing

Firewood: Cooking with wood

Can I cook with this wood?

Yes, most definitely.

See our

Cooking with Firewood

web page.

Can I store the wood outside?

If you do not have enough indoor space to store

our logs, don’t panic!

Our wood can quite happily be stored outside,

because the wood is already seasoned,

the cells have closed up and although the wood

maybe wet to the touch it does not

affect its’ burning properties.

However, if you do stand the logs in a puddle,

over time, they will absorb the water – but all

you have to do is lift them out of the water,

let the air blow through them for a couple of weeks

and they are ready for burning again.

Ideally, if the logs are to be stored outside –

place the logs on a pallet, stack them and cover

the top of the stack with a tarpaulin or something

similar – this will keep the worst of the

weather off the wood.

Firewood: Outside Storage

Firewood: Large Logs

How large are the logs?

The logs are split into fairly small pieces,

between three inches through to five inches


We believe that this is the best size for the logs

to give the most heat output.

Bigger in this case, is definitely not better!

If you have huge pieces of wood, instead of the

logs burning and giving off good heat all their

energy goes into igniting the wood and by

the time the log has really got going most of

the heat has gone up the chimney!

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