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... the olive tree ...

a heavy dense wood huge amounts of good coloured flames

hot with a perfume like a snuffed candle

dancing flames and a long time for the flames to die down

if you like a fire with plenty of flames then this is the one for you

Olive trees or shrubs are evergreen

and are native to the coastal areas of

the Mediterranean, Asia and Africa.

It is not a large tree and seldom grows

above fifteen metres, it is quite a short

squat tree but the trunk is generally

gnarled and twisted 

Olive Firewood: Olive Tree
Olive Firewood: Olive Bark

The bark has shades of brown and green and

the wood is golden on the outside with beige

heartwood, very dense and heavy with a

silken sheen to the inside of the logs

Our Olive firewood is from Portugal

In the original Olympic Games, olive oil

was used to fuel the “eternal flame”,

leaves from the Olive tree were used as

crowns for the athletes in the Games

and were even found in

King Tutankhamun’s tomb

Olive Firewood: Olympic Flame
Olive Firewood: Ancient Olive Tree

Olive trees can live to an amazing age –

on the island of Crete, one has been

calculated to be over 2,000 years old using

a tree ring analysis, and in Croatia a 1,600

year old tree is still producing about

30 kilos of fruit per year!

To produce 50 gallons of oil

it takes a ton of olives

Olive Firewood: Olives
Olive Firewood: Pruning Olives

Pruning these trees plays an important

part in the production of the fruit, not only

to produce flowers but also to allow

easy gathering of the crop.

Quite often the crop from the old

trees is enormous but this does not

happen every year.

California recorded the first planting of

olive tress around 1769 by Franciscan

missionaries in San Diego – there is

about thirty five species altogether and

they are particularly prized for their oil.

Olive Firewood: Olive Oil
Olive Firewood: Olive wood

For woodworkers it is highly

valued - because the wood is very

hard, close-grained and quite

often veined with a darker hue it

makes spectacular pieces

Did you know … olives are the most

extensively cultivated fruit crop in the

world using up over 8.5 million hectares.

Olive Firewood: Olive Grove

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