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... the maple tree ...

yellow flames with occasional deep blue flashes and touches of purple

a good looking fire with masses of heat these are "hot sticks"

intense heat but rapid burning

The genus Acer are commonly known

as Maple and are native to Asia but

are found in Europe, parts of Africa and

most famously in North America

where the leaf of the Maple is part of

the Canadian Flag

Funnily enough it was a French botanist

who named it Acer meaning “sharp”

referring to the pointy leaves

Maple Firewood: Maple Tree

Maple Firewood: Flowers

Maples are generally deciduous but a

few of the species are evergreen and

they can grow to a height of 145 feet!

The flowers can be red, orange,

yellow or green and although quite

small the overall effect of a tree in full

flower can be incredibly spectacular.

Some species flower in early Spring

and they are a welcome source of

nectar for honey bees

Seeds from the Maple are known as

“Maple Keys” and are designed to

spin as they fall and can carry the

seeds a great distance with the wind

Maple Firewood: Maple Keys

Maple Firewood: Maple Syrup

It was the native Americans who first

started to produce Maple Syrup

Only large maple trees are used that

have reached an age of at least forty

years old and one tree can produce

about ten gallons (40 litres) of

sap each year.

In early Spring just after the frosts have

finished, large Maple trees have holes

bored into them, the sap then drips

into buckets, it's collected and then

goes onto the next stage.

Quite often the natives would use

buckets made out of Birch bark.

Maple Firewood: Maple Sap

Maple Firewood: Boiling Syrup

Once all the maple sap has been

collected the next stage is to boil the

sap down until it becomes syrup.

It takes over forty gallons (160 litres)

of sap to produce one gallon (4 litres)

of maple syrup if the sap is

boiled over an open fire.

Maple syrup is incredibly popular

the world over and most of this is

produced in Quebec.

It is eaten with pancakes, waffles,

crumpets and French toast ... delicious

Maple Firewood: Maple Syrup and Pancakes

Maple Firewood: Japanese Bonsai

In Japan and Korea the Maple trees

are watched with great enthusiasm

as the leaves change colour in

the Autumn - it is known as


Many species of Acer are a very popular

choice for the art of Bonsai.

Our Maple bark is very similar to the

Ash tree, with hints of silver running

through the bark.

The wood is dense with a creamy

inner wood and occasional darker

wood in the centre.

Maple Firewood:  Bark

Maple Firewood: Electric Guitar

Maple is a tonewood which means

it is perfect for making musical

instruments with - especially, guitars,

violins, cellos and drum kits.

Another tonewood is Mahogany,

which also carries sound waves.

There are many different type of maple

wood which is highly decorative.

It is quite difficult to detect from the

outside of the tree and it really only

shows itself when the wood is cut.

Maple Firewood: Birdseye Maple

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