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... the alder tree ...

smell the sweetness! almost a raspberry perfume

very similar to the perfume from Birch but not quite as thick

this has a serious heat with good charcoal

profuse yellow and purple flames

a joy to burn but not very long lasting

Alder Firewood: Tree

The Alder Tree is deciduous and is a

member of the Birch family.

It can reach heights of 30 metres

but is not considered a long lasting

tree with an average life span of

about 150 years.

The seeds are wind pollinated and

quite often the catkins are present

before the leaves appear.

There are two types of Alder trees:

the Red Alder which is native to the

west coast of North America and the

Black Alder which is mainly found

throughout the whole of Europe.

In Venice there are millions of piles

which support the city and the majority

of these piles are Alder.

The wood does not have much

strength when it is used for indoor

applications but use it under water,

put it under massive stresses and

the Alder is unbeatable.

Alder Firewood: Venice piles
Alder Firewood: Root nodules

Root nodules on the Alder are

amazing, they are roughly about the

size of a fist and produce a nitrogen

fixing bacterium which greatly adds

to the fertility of the soil and therefore

helps future plants and trees.

It is a perfect tree for planting in

waterlogged sites or even

disused quarries, anywhere really

where you want to improve the

viability and stability of the land.

In the 1950's, Fender Stratocaster

started making electric guitars using

Alder wood for the bodies of these

guitars, as it gives a good tone and

is now used by many other

guitar manufacturers.

Alder Firewood: Electric guitar
Alder Firewood: Lancashire clogs

In Lancashire, Alder was used for

making clogs, however, the supply of

Alder dwindled and the clog makers

had to use Birch instead.

Celtic folklore holds the Alder tree

in great esteem as it was thought that

the trunk of the Alder was the entrance

to the fairy kingdom.

Alder Firewood: Gunpowder

Gunpowder from the charcoal

of the Alder tree is probably the

best known of all the products

the tree produces!

Alder is traditionally used for

smoking salmon but is good with

any sort of fish.

It gives a light delicate flavour

with just a touch of sweetness.

Alder Firewood: Smoked salmon

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