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Cooking with Firewood

... pimento jerk cooking ...

if you want to jerk cook then you have to use Pimento sticks

no Pimento no jerk!

Using Pimento sticks to cook is

totally different from cooking

with any other wood

To start with you do not actually

set fire to the wood, which in itself is

really unusual and quite a unique

way of cooking

What you are trying to do is to use

the sticks as a grate for the

meat to sit on, you then cover the meat

and the Pimento, so in effect the

meat is being gently smoked and steamed

So simply put you should have the

fire on one side of your barbecue

and the meat and sticks

on the other side

Pimento Jerk: Smoke
Pimento Jerk: Spices

Spices, peppers, herbs, rubs and

marinades play a huge part in

jerk cooking

Another important feature of using

pimento sticks is to make sure

you soak them in water, at least

a couple of hours or longer if you

have the time

By soaking the sticks this will produce

steam which contributes to the

flavour and succulence of the

food you are cooking and gives

it the taste you are looking for

Chicken and pork are great favourites

to jerk with but really the choice is only

limited by your imagination

When you have finished cooking over

the sticks, move the food to the heat

and just cook for a few minutes to

brown and crisp the food - delicious!

Once you have finished with your sticks,

let them cool down, give them a good

scrub, leave them to air dry and

they are good to go for your

next session and the one after that

and so it goes on ...

Pimento Jerk: Chicken
Pimento Jerk: Planks

Our Pimento wood is from Jamaica,

it comes to us in various shapes, sizes

and lengths, the majority of it does have

the bark on but we also have pieces

without the bark, so maybe if you are

looking for plank type wood, we can

help, give us a call or email

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