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Cooking with Firewood

... cooking on a campfire ...

from hot dogs to fish to marshmallows to stews - everything tastes

better cooked over a fire!

When cooking on a campfire the food

is likely to have a high concentration of

fat and carbohydrates as this is

necessary for hiking and back packing.

Quite often due to the weight carrying

restrictions popular foods include

instant soups, pastas, freeze-dried foods

and food which has been pre-cooked

and just needs warming up.

Cooking on a Campfire: Sausages
Cooking on a Campfire: Chuck Wagon

Campfire cooking is without doubt the

original form of cooking and there are

various methods of using this type of heat.

It can sometimes prove to be quite a

difficult way as you do not really have a

kitchen area and you need to mark out

a suitable spot for your fire always

taking care not to cause any unnecessary

fire damage to the surrounding area.

There are many different ways of cooking

on a campfire: Boiling; Grilling; Roasting;

Baking; Frying and using an oven.

Boiling is probably the most used way

whether it is simply making a brew or using

the hot water for washing and cleaning.

Roasting food on long skewers over

the flames is a popular way to eat hot dogs

or marshmallows.

I think everyone has enjoyed Baked Potatoes

that are wrapped in foil and left to cook in the

embers of the fire.

Campfire Wood: Chickens
Campfire Wood: Pots

Using pots to cook your food over the

fire can prove to be quite difficult unless

the pot is well secured and preferably

supported by metal struts.

An easier way is to wait until the fire has

stopped flaming and then to use a couple

of logs to rest the pot on - replacing them

as they are burnt.

All of our firewoods can be used

and each one will give a unique

flavour to the food.

Charcoal does not give the same

deep rich flavour to the food as the

perfumed hardwood logs do, although it

is more convenient to use but

can be quite messy.

Campfire Wood: Fish
Cooking on a Campfire: Wood

We have convenient handy sized

boxes for your fire.

Just enough to add a new twist to your

campfire cooking.

Campfire cooking is all about having a

good time with friends and enjoying

tasty food, heavenly smells and

being outdoors, whatever the weather!

Your food doesn't have to be burnt and

raw in the middle!

There are many fabulous recipes

using the simplest and tastiest ingredients

for a truly delicious food experience!

Go on - have a go!

Cooking on a Campfire: Friends

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